Who we are


The Association for the protection of Shareholders, Customers and Users of financial services, APACBANK, was formed by a group of people affected by the fraudulent management of Bankia. We maintain that the time has come to demand our rights, to recover our savings with no losses and to defend the many citizens affected, in particular the most vulnerable.


The « raison d’être » of APACBANK is based on advising, defending and representing the small savers among the shareholders, customers and financial services users of Bankia and Banco Financiero y de Ahorro S.A.

Together we want to make our voice heard. Our strategy: powerful action in both the media and the legal field, always keeping within a legal framework, but without ruling out any action seeking to establish responsibilities. Our main objective is to recover the investments of small investors who once relied on Bankia.

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APACBANK Association (Association for the Protection of Shareholders, Customers and Users of Financial Services of Bankia), is preparing legal action to reclaim the savings and investments in various products: Bankia shares, preference shares and subordinated debentures of its associate members.:

APACBANK intends that all our associate members recover all their savings in the shortest possible time and to this end, we will file the appropriate claims requesting a declaration of nullity of contracts and, therefore, the return of their savings.




1.         Actions that will be undertaken by APACBANK


1.1 Legal claim to Bankia / BFA (Banco Financiero y de Ahorro) which manifests the nullity of the contract and requests the immediate return of the deposits (savings and investments).


1.2 Request to the client’s office  for a copy of the signed contract documents and a copy of the test of suitability, or the further warning of unsuitability that should have been made.


1.3 Reporting the facts to the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).


1.4 Complaint to the Ombudsman in order to urge the Central Government and appropriate authorities to take necessary measures to correct and safeguard the interests of shareholders, investors and customers of Bankia and BFA.


1.5 Request in the Courts of Justice for the annulment of the contracts signed by our associate members and the return of their investments and savings.


1.6 Formulation of requirements of criminal liability for executives and directors of Bankia and BFA that could be responsible for the fraudulent actions that have caused the loss of part of the savings of shareholders and investors.


Lawsuits will be initiated for any financial product than can be held by the Associate Member, such as:


-Shares of Bankia


-Preference Shares




-Subordinated debt.



2. DOCUMENTATION (If available, if not it will be claimed by the means described above).


-Description of the investment made and the circumstances of your registration.


-Contracts awarded by the Associate Member with Bankia / BFA


-Purchase of shares.


-Commercial documentation provided by the entity about the investment products and advice received.


-Closeouts of interest received and the date on which they have failed to be collected.


-Documents exchanged for other products.


-Documentation of any prior claim.


-Any other documentation or evidence tending to prove that the investment was proposed by Bankia / BFA without detail of the obligations and risks.







The association APACBANK will promote non-judicial actions described in paragraph 2 of this protocol.


These actions will not cause any cost to the associate members as they form part of the services provided within the membership fee, in addition to the information and advice on any subject related to their contracts and investments in Bankia.





The association, of course, does not have sufficient resources to bring legal actions before the courts, with the exception of actions of a criminal nature (complaint of possible criminal activity of the Directors and Executives of Bankia), so any other form of civil action shall be borne by the Associate Member himself.


The association has come to an agreement with a law firm by which claims or legal actions will be subjected to the following scale:


-Civil actions up to 10,000 euros: 200 euros


Civil actions from 10,000 to 20,000 euros: 250 euros


Civil actions from 20,000 to 40,000 euros: 350 euros


-Civil actions from 40,000 and over: 450 euros


On the other hand, there is a covenant for success. If these actions succeed, the member shall pay 10% of the amount obtained.




Become an Associate Member


Following the General Assembly of Bankia on June 30th at the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia, APACBANK plans to add the votes of as many affected, in order to defend more strongly the rights and interests of the shareholders who have been harmed. So if you wish to unite your efforts with ours, kindly fill in the form below and send it directly, or download the association form attached and send it by email.


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Press Release


APACBANK spokesman, Salvador Sastre, noted that “the essential purpose” of the Association is to ensure that those affected by the “fraudulent management” of Bankia recover their money as soon as possible.


APACBANK Association has been formed in order to defend and pursue appropriate legal action on behalf of shareholders, customers and users of financial services and savings of Bankia and Banco Financiero y de Ahorro S.A. . In this regard, the APACBANK spokesman, Salvador Sastre, emphasizes that ensuring that those harmed by the  “fraudulent management” of Bankia recover their money within the shortest possible time is the “primary purpose” of the newly formed Association.


“The protection, counselling, advocacy and representation of the customers affected will be the day-to-day goal of APACBANK,” says Sastre, who maintains  that “it is time to demand our rights and recover our savings without loss “. In this vein, the APACBANK spokesman invites everyone who has been affected by the “fraudulent management” of Bankia to contact APACBANK through its website www.apacbank.es.


APACBANK Association excludes all activity for profit and stresses that its ultimate goal consists in defending the interests of those affected “with no intention of tarnishing the image of the company.”


Following the General Assembly of Bankia on June 30th at the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia, APACBANK plans to add the votes of as many affected, in order to defend more strongly the rights and interests of the shareholders who have been harmed. In short, APACBANK plans to defend the interests of the shareholders concerned, in an organized and effective way against the “fraudulent management” of Bankia, concludes Salvador Sastre.